xskillscore.crps_quadrature(observations, cdf_or_dist, xmin=None, xmax=None, tol=1e-06, dim=None, weights=None, keep_attrs=False)

Continuous Ranked Probability Score with numerical integration of the normal distribution.

  • observations (xarray.Dataset or xarray.DataArray) – Observations associated with the forecast distribution cdf_or_dist.

  • cdf_or_dist (callable or scipy.stats.distribution) – Function which returns the cumulative density of the forecast distribution at value x.

  • xmin (see properscoring.crps_quadrature) –

  • xmax (see properscoring.crps_quadrature) –

  • tol (see properscoring.crps_quadrature) –

  • dim (str or list of str, optional) – Dimension over which to compute mean after computing crps_quadrature. Defaults to None implying averaging over all dimensions.

  • weights (xr.DataArray with dimensions from dim, optional) – Weights for weighted.mean(dim). Defaults to None, such that no weighting is applied.

  • keep_attrs (bool) – If True, the attributes (attrs) will be copied from the first input to the new one. If False (default), the new object will be returned without attributes.


Return type

xarray.Dataset or xarray.DataArray


>>> observations = xr.DataArray(np.random.normal(size=(3, 3)),
...                             coords=[('x', np.arange(3)),
...                                     ('y', np.arange(3))])
>>> from scipy.stats import norm
>>> xs.crps_quadrature(observations, norm, dim="x")
<xarray.DataArray (y: 3)>
array([0.80280921, 0.31818197, 0.32364912])
  * y        (y) int64 0 1 2

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