xskillscore.core.resampling.resample_iterations_idx(forecast, iterations, dim='member', dim_max=None, replace=True)

Resample over dim by index iterations times.


This is a much faster way to bootstrap/resample each iteration individually and applying the function to it. This will create a DataArray with dimension iteration of size iterations. When using dask, the number of tasks in resample_iterations() will scale with iterations but constant chunksize, whereas the tasks in resample_iterations_idx() will stay constant with increasing chunksize.

  • forecast (xr.DataArray, xr.Dataset) – Forecast.

  • iterations (int) – Number of resampling iterations.

  • dim (str) – Dimension name to resample over. Defaults to 'member'.

  • replace (bool) – Resampling with or without replacement. Defaults to True.

  • dim_max (int) – Number of item from dim to return.


forecast_smp – data resampled along dimension dim with additional dim='iteration'.

Return type:

xr.DataArray, xr.Dataset


>>> a = xr.DataArray(
...     np.random.rand(1000, 3, 3),
...     coords=[
...         ("time", np.arange(1000)),
...         ("x", np.arange(3)),
...         ("y", np.arange(3)),
...     ],
... )
>>> xs.resample_iterations_idx(a, 500, "time")  
<xarray.DataArray (time: 1000, x: 3, y: 3, iteration: 500)>

See also



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